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HIV / AIDS, Gender Dimensions and Neuropsychological Aspects
By Nongmeikapam Premika Devi

First Published : 2020
ISBN : 9788177084962
Pages : 232
Binding : Hardbound
Size : 5 x 9
Price : US$ 66

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a disease caused by a virus named Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The disease is characterized by immunosuppression which leads to a spectrum of clinical manifestations that include opportunistic infections, secondary neoplasms, and neurologic manifestations. The clinical features of HIV infection range from asymptomatic infection to severe clinical illness and AIDS.

HIV/AIDS in India came into public view in 1986 with detection of first few cases of HIV in Chennai and first AIDS case in Mumbai in 1987. The current scenario in the country is alarming and the situation is grim though the overall prevalence of the disease is still low as compared to many other countries in South East Asia.

HIV/AIDS is a major concern and has only recently attracted the attention of psycho-social research. Knowledge of effective ways of coping with HIV is critical to help individuals with HIV to maintain the best possible psychological and physical well-being.

HIV has huge impact on cognitive function and is also associated with depression and anxiety. However, very few studies have been conducted on the relationship between neuropsychological functioning and depression/anxiety, and the coping mechanisms. The present work is an attempt to fill this vacuum in the literature on the subject.

1. HIV/AIDS: An Introduction
1.1 About HIV/AIDS
1.2 Neuropsychological/Cognitive Impairment
1.3 Gender Differences in Neuropsychological and Cognitive Impairment
1.4 Neuropsychological/Cognitive Impairment among HIV Individuals
1.5 HIV and Mental Illness
1.6 Depression and HIV Seropositive Individuals
1.7 Anxiety Disorders
1.8 Psychiatric Side Effects of Anti-retroviral Drugs
1.9 Coping

2. HIV/AIDS and Neuropsychological Functioning: Global and Indian Experiences
2.1 Neuropsychological Function and HIV/AIDS
2.2 Coping Strategies and HIV/AIDS
2.3 Anxiety and Depression in HIV/AIDS
2.4 Neuropsychological Function and Coping
2.5 Neuropsychological Function with Anxiety and Depression
2.6 Coping with Anxiety and Depression
2.7 Need for the Present Study

3. HIV/AIDS: Cognitive Deficits
3.1 Objective of the Study
3.2 Hypotheses
3.3 Methodology
3.4 Sample
3.5 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
3.6 Tools Used in the Collection of Data
3.7 Procedure for Data Collection
3.8 Statistical Analysis of Results

4. HIV/AIDS: Study Subjects and Neuropsychological Profiles
4.1 Basic Profiles
4.2 Neuropsychological Profile
4.3 Comparison of Coping Strategies among Experimental Group and Control Group
4.4 Clinical Variables of Experimental Group and Control Group
4.5 Differences between the Neuropsychological Profiles of HIV/AIDS Infected Males and Females of Manipur
4.6 Gender Differences in Coping Strategies (Experimental Group)
4.7 Relationship of Coping and Neuropsychological Profile among Males of Experimental Group

5. Coping Strategies and Clinical Variables
5.1 Relationship between Coping and Neuropsychological Profiles in HIV/AIDS Infected Females
5.2 Relationship between Neuropsychological Profiles with Depression, Anxiety of Experimental Group (People Living with HIV/AIDS)
5.3 Comparison of Clinical Variables among Experimental Group
5.4 Differences between the Neuropsychological Profile among Males of Experimental Group and Control Group
5.5 Differences between the Neuropsychological Profile among Females of Experimental Group and Control Group
5.6 Gender Differences of Anxiety (Experimental Group)
5.7 Gender Differences of Depression (Experimental Group)
5.8 Relationships of Coping, Anxiety and Depression

6. Seropositive and Seronegative Individuals: Findings
6.1 Study Design and Sample
6.2 Screening and Study Tools
6.3 Procedure Adopted
6.4 Statistical Analysis

7. Gender Dimensions of HIV/AIDS
7.1 Neuropsychological Findings of Experimental Group and Control Group
7.2 Comparison of Coping Mechanisms among Experimental Group and Control Group
7.3 Comparison of Anxiety and Depression among Experimental Group and Control Group
7.4 Gender Differences in Neuropsychological Findings (Experimental Group)
7.5 Gender Difference in Coping Mechanisms of HIV/AIDS Infected Individuals
7.6 Neuropsychological Function and Coping
7.7 Neuropsychological Function, Anxiety and Depression
7.8 Levels of Anxiety and Depression of Experimental Group
7.9 Neuropsychological Findings among Males of Experimental Group and Control Group
7.10 Neuropsychological Findings among Females of Experimental Group and Control Group
7.11 Gender Difference in Anxiety and Depression
7.12 Link of Coping, Anxiety and Depression

8. Tenability of Hypotheses
8.1 Hypothesis I
8.2 Hypothesis II
8.3 Hypothesis III
8.4 Hypothesis IV
8.5 Hypothesis V
8.6 Hypothesis VI

9. Summary, Conclusions and Critique
9.1 Hypotheses
9.2 Methodology
9.3 Conclusions
9.4 Critique of the Study



Dr. Nongmeikapam Premika Devi is presently Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal, Manipur. She did her B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 2001 and M.A. (Psychology) from the same university in 2003. She received her M. Phil (Clinical Psychology) degree from Manipur University (RIMS) in 2008 and Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) degree from RINPAS, Ranchi University in 2018.

Dr. Nongmeikapam has published research articles in various academically acclaimed journals including International Journal of Scientific Research, Journal of Clinical Paediatrics, Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology and Indian Journal of Clinical Psychologists. She has participated and presented papers at various national and international conferences and seminars.

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