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Social Entrepreneurship
By C. Paramasivan

First Published : 2016
ISBN : 9788177084221
Pages : 188
Binding : Hardbound
Size : 5 x 9
Price : US$ 42

Social entrepreneurship is the art of creating a socially responsible business that aims at generating profit, while solving social and environmental problems. A social entrepreneur starts and runs social enterprises. Social entrepreneurs find new and efficient ways to create products, services or structures that either directly cater to social needs or enable to cater to social needs that must be satisfied in order to achieve sustainable development.

Social entrepreneurship takes responsibility for an innovative and untested idea for positive social change and ushering that idea from dream to reality. It enables social entrepreneur to make lasting impact on the most difficult problems and it is a special combination of groundbreaking creativity and steadfast execution.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept, accepted the world over, whereby corporates integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in the interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. The three keys to an effective CSR are commitment, clarity and congruence with corporate values. Clarity is all important because each corporate entity has to frame its CSR initiatives based on the environment of the activities being carried out. Congruence is about ensuring the corporate attitude to its responsibilities towards society. CSR should also be consistent with own values and culture of the company. This volume contains 16 papers which provide deep insights into the social and ethical aspects of modern business practices.

1. Social Entrepreneurship through Education
Kandula Salaiah
2. Inclusive Growth and Financial Inclusion for Social Development
Jnaneshwar Pai Maroor
3. Social Entrepreneurship: Emerging Practices in Indian Business
G. Santhoshi
4. Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship
Cirappa I.B. and Madhuri S.
5. Motivation for Social Entrepreneurship
Ch. Kishor Kumar and K. Suryanarayana
6. Social Entrepreneurship: Contemporary Practices in India
D. David Winster Praveenraj and Kumaran Thayumanavan
7. A Micro Finance Company and Customer Satisfaction
G. Madan Mohan and Lalith Kumar
8. Social Entrepreneurship Perspective in India
Ch. Praveen
9. Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment
P. Annababy and P. Balamirtham
10. Social Entrepreneurship: New Dimensions
P. Mari Selvam
11. Self-help Group (SHGs) and Social Entrepreneurship
R. Dayanandan
12. Social Entrepreneurship through Women Self-help Groups (SHGs)
K. Priya and G. Palaniyammal
13. Social Entrepreneurship in India: Challenges
M. Hajera Banu
14. Social Entrepreneurship: Issues and Challenges
I. Parvin Banu and D. Santhanakrishnan
15. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
C. Paramasivan
16. Social Entrepreneurship and the Role of Self-help Groups (SHGs)
R. Kamaraj

   Dr. C. Paramasivan is Assistant Professor in the Post-graduate and Research Department of Commerce, Periyar EVR College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. He obtained M.Com. degree from Pondicherry Central University and M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from Gandhigram Rural University, Dindigul and Periyar University, Salem respectively. He has published a number of research papers in academic journals of repute. Dr. Paramasivan has attended and presented papers at various national level conferences/seminars.

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