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Complete Catalogue - 2015-2016
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Comparative Governments and Politics : (Including Case Studies of Britain, Brazil, Nigeria and China)
By Chanchal Kumar

First Published : 2015
ISBN : 9788177084078
Pages : 266
Binding : Hardbound
Size : 5 x 9
Price : US$ 49

Comparative governments and politics is one of the most exciting and dynamic fields in political science. A comparative study of governments facilitates objective and rational judgement about political systems. Comparative politics seeks to study and understand different political systems analytically, systematically and relatively. It looks for patterns, regularities and systemic changes within and among them.

Comparative politics concerns itself with a great variety of issues. These include the comparative study of institutions, interest groups, political culture/values and public policies in different countries. Comparative politics also studies the processes by which countries become developed, modern and democratic.

This book is designed to provide insights into comparative governments and politics and related approaches for the study of the subject. More specifically, the book focuses on examining politics in a historical framework while engaging with various themes of comparative analysis in developed and developing countries.

1. Comparative Governments and Politics: An Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Evolution of Comparative Governments and Politics
1.3 What is Comparative Government?
1.4 What is Comparative Politics?
1.4.1 Definitions of Comparative Politics
1.5 Nature of Comparative Governments and Politics
1.6 Scope of Comparative Governments and Politics
2. Need for Comparative Analysis
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Importance of Comparison
2.3 Objectives of Comparison
3. Going Beyond Eurocentrism
3.1 Introduction
3.2 What is Eurocentrism?
3.3 Beyond Eurocentrism
3.4 Peter Gran’s View on Beyond Eurocentrism
3.5 The End of the West
3.6 Power Shifts
4. Capitalism and Globalization
4.1 Capitalism Defined
4.2 Characteristic Features of Capitalism
4.3 Stages of Development of Capitalism
4.3.1 First Stage: Development of National Economies
4.3.2 Second Stage: Colonies and Spheres
4.3.3 Third Stage: International Capitalist Integration
4.3.4 Capitalism after 1900
4.3.5 Capitalism in the New Great Boom
4.4 Globalization of World Economies
4.4.1 Meaning of Globalization
4.4.2 Processes Involved in Globalization
4.4.3 Dimensions of Globalization
4.5 Globalization: The Latest Stage of Capitalism
4.6 Globalization and the Changing Role of the State
5. Socialism: Development, Experiences and Current Status
5.1 Origins and Meaning of Socialism
5.1.1 Russian Revolution
5.1.2 Powers of the State
5.1.3 One-party Rule
5.1.4 Wars and Socialism
5.2 Types of Socialism
5.2.1 Democratic Socialism
5.2.2 Social Democracy
5.2.3 Revolutionary Socialism
5.2.4 Utopian Socialism
5.2.5 Libertarian Socialism
5.2.6 Market Socialism
5.2.7 Eco-Socialism
5.3 Development of Socialism
5.3.1 Early Phase
5.3.2 Modern Phase
5.3.3 Socialist Religious Movements
5.3.4 Charles Fourier and Robert Owen
5.3.5 Marx and Engels
5.3.6 Socialism and Russian Economy
5.4 Cross-country Experiences of Socialism
5.5 Communism and Socialism in the 1990s
6. Colonialism and Decolonisation
6.1 Colonialism: Meaning and Forms
6.2 Decolonisation: Liberation of the Oppressed
6.3 Neo-colonialism
6.4 Anti-colonial Struggles
6.5 Three Stages of Freedom Struggles
6.5.1 First Stage
6.5.2 Second Stage
6.5.3 Third Stage
6.6 Process of Decolonization
6.7 Decolonization in Asia
6.8 Decolonization in Africa
6.9 Decolonization in Latin America
7. Constitutional Developments in Britain, Brazil, Nigeria and China
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Britain
7.2.1 Anglo-Saxon Period (400-1066)
7.2.2 Norman Period (1066-1154)
7.2.3 Angevin or Plantagenet Period (1154-1485)
7.2.4 Tudor Period (1485-1603)
7.2.5 Stuart Period (1603-1714)
7.2.6 Hanover Period (1714-1837)
7.2.7 Present Constitution: The Status Quo
7.2.8 Constitutional and Administrative Law Reform in Britain since 1997
7.3 Brazil
7.4 Nigeria
7.4.1 Constitutional Development
7.5 China
7.5.1 Constitutional Developments
7.5.2 Constitution of the Republic of China (1947)
8. Political Economy of Britain, Brazil, Nigeria and China
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Britain
8.3 Brazil
8.4 Nigeria
8.5 China
8.5.1 China’s Economic System
8.5.2 Reforms
9. Executive Powers in Britain, Brazil, Nigeria and China
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Britain
9.2.1 King or Queen and the Crown
9.2.2 Prerogative Powers of the Queen in Parliament
9.2.3 Crown Immunity from Legal Action
9.2.4 Domestic Powers
9.2.5 Foreign Powers
9.2.6 Executive Powers of the British Government
9.2.7 Executive Power: The Prime Minister
9.3 Brazil
9.3.1 Powers of the President in Brazil
9.4 Nigeria
9.5 China
9.5.1 Legal Status and Functions of the State Council
10. Judiciary in Britain, Brazil, Nigeria and China
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Britain
10.2.1 Levels of the English Court System
10.3 Brazil
10.3.1 Levels of the Court System
10.4 Nigeria
10.4.1 The Supreme Court of Nigeria
10.4.2 The Court of Appeal
10.4.3 The Federal High Court
10.4.4 The High Court
10.4.5 The Sharia Court of Appeal
10.4.6 The Customary Court of Appeal
10.5 China
10.5.1 People’s Courts
10.5.2 Supreme People’s Court (SPC)
10.5.3 The Higher People’s Courts
10.5.4 The Intermediate People’s Courts
10.5.5 Grass-roots (Basic) People’s Courts
10.5.6 The Special Courts
10.5.7 The Supreme People’s Procuratorates
10.5.8 The Local People’s Procuratorates


Dr. Chanchal Kumar is presently Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi, Delhi. She did her B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. in Political Science from University of Delhi and obtained Ph.D. degree from Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut. She has published a number of research papers in academic journals of repute. She specializes in international politics and human rights. She is a life member of various professional bodies including Indian Political Science Association and Asia Pacific Panorama Society.

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