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Common Property Resources and Human Rights : Politics of Water Struggles in India
By Rose Mary George

First Published : 2012
ISBN : 9788177083200
Pages : 300
Binding : Hardbound
Size : 5 x 9
Price : US$ 52

Recent wave of liberalization, privatization and globalization (LPG) of national economies has limited the policy options of a greater number of developing countries. The impact of LPG on public policy formulation is evident both at the macro and micro level. At the macro level, various national governments are no longer in a position to retain state regulation not only in the economic realm but also with respect to the social sectors. Macro level policies are aimed at increasing the stake of private players and the privatization drive is largely at the cost of state control. Micro level issues are sector- and case-specific.

   LPG has impacted Common Property Resources (CPRs) in many ways. For example, there has been a fatal blow to the harmonious relationship between state regulation and community ownership regimes. The issue of water is a good case in point. The opening up of the state regime of CPRs to the free play of foreign and domestic capital has adversely affected the interests of marginal, vulnerable and socially disadvantaged groups of society. Privatization has resulted in the reckless exploitation of CPRs by foreign and domestic private corporations.
   This work is an attempt to explore the multi-dimensional effects of globalization, liberalization and privatization on common property resources in the context of human rights.

1. Globalization, Common Property Resources and Social Movements: A Theoretical Framework
1.1 Conceptualizing Globalization
1.2 Resource Politics
1.3 Key Issues of Resource Politics
1.4 Liberalization and Environment
1.5 International Trade System and Environment
1.6 Common Property Resources
1.7 CPRs: The Life Supporting Resource Systems
1.8 Common Property Management Regimes
1.8.1 Open Access Regime
1.8.2 Communal or Collective Property Regime
1.8.3 State Property Regime
1.8.4 Private Property Regime
1.9 Tragedy of Commons: The CPR Problem
1.10 Criticism to Tragedy of Commons
1.11 Social Movement Literature: An Appraisal
1.12 Characteristics of Social Movement
1.13 Social Movements: Old and New
1.14 Injustice and Mobilization
1.15 Institutionalized Politics and Social Movements
1.16 Globalization and Resistance Movements
1.17 Opposition to Multinational Corporations
1.18 Environmental Movements
1.19 Human Rights Question
1.20 Human Rights and Environmental Issues
1.21 Human Rights and Multinational Corporations

2. Globalization and Water Privatization: A Survey of Developed and Developing Countries
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Water Privatization
2.3 Models of Water Privatization
2.4 Role of World Bank in Water Privatization Until 1990
2.5 World Bank and Water Sector Reforms Since 1990
2.6 Theoretical Rhetoric of World Bank Policies
2.6.1 Reduced Role of State in the Water Sector
2.6.2 Concept of Sustainable Water Resource Management
2.6.3 Water as an Economic Good
2.7 Role of other Financial Agencies in the Water Sector
2.8 Water Business
2.9 Water Privatization in Developed and Developing Countries
2.10 Water Privatization in Developed Countries
2.10.1 Great Britain
2.10.2 United States of America
2.10.3 France
2.10.4 Germany
2.10.5 Canada
2.11 Water Privatization in Developing Countries
2.11.1 Bolivia
2.11.2 Argentina
2.11.3 Nicaragua
2.11.4 Indonesia
2.11.5 Nigeria
2.11.6 Jordan
2.11.7 Ghana
2.11.8 Ivory Coast
2.11.9 Philippines
2.12 Issues of Water Privatization in India
2.12.1 New Delhi
2.12.2 Chhattisgarh
2.12.3 Tamil Nadu
2.13 Water-based Industries
2.13.1 Kerala
2.13.2 Rajasthan
2.13.3 Uttar Pradesh
2.13.4 Maharashtra
2.13.5 Tamil Nadu
2.14 Genesis of Right to Water
2.15 Violation of Right to Water
2.16 Water and the Indian Constitution
2.17 Constitutional Position of Groundwater
2.18 National Water Policies
2.19 Right to Water as a Fundamental Right in India
2.20 Water Laws in India

3. Private Monopolies in Ground Water Exploitation: A Case Study of Plachimada Issue in Kerala
3.1 Water Scenario in Kerala
3.2 Water Policy of Kerala
3.3 The Plachimada Case
3.4 Socio-economic Profile of Plachimada
3.5 Important Water Sources in Plachimada
3.6 Advent of Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Private Limited
3.7 Local Level Impacts of HCBPL
3.8 Results of Scientific Studies on Environmental Issues in Plachimada
3.9 Other Reports
3.10 Findings of the Field Survey in Plachimada
3.11 Demographic Pattern in the Study Area
3.12 Water Availability in the Study Area until 2000
3.13 Sources of Water
3.14 Water Availability since the Advent of HCBPL
3.15 Impact on the Local Population
3.16 Water Conflicts
3.17 Coca-Cola Company and Employment Opportunities in Plachimada

4. Private Monopolies in Surface Water Exploitation: A Case Study of Sheonath Issue in Chhattisgarh
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Water Scenario in Chhattisgarh
4.3 Water Policy of Chhattisgarh
4.4 Socio-economic Profile of Durg District
4.5 Privatization of Sheonath River
4.6 Impacts of Sheonath River Privatization
4.7 Legal Problems in the Contract
4.8 Findings of Field Survey
4.9 Demographic Pattern of the Study Area
4.10 Water Availability in the Study Area Until 1999
4.11 Sources of Water
4.12 Impact of Sheonath River Privatization

5. Water Right Struggles in Plachimada and Sheonath: A Comparative Analysis
5.1 Socio-Political Movements in India
5.2 Political Opportunity Structure Thesis
5.3 The Plachimada Struggle
5.4 Chronology of Political Events
5.5 Analysis on the Findings of Field Survey in Plachimada
5.6 Struggle in Chhattisgarh
5.7 Analysis of Findings of Field Survey in Chhattisgarh
5.8 Comparison of the Water Right Movements in Kerala and Chhattisgarh
5.9 Plachimada: A Global-Local Movement
5.10 Sheonath: A Pragmatic Movement at Work
5.11 Experience of Water Right Struggles
5.11.1 Differential Engagement of Political Parties
5.11.2 Legal Battle and Movement Outcomes
5.11.3 Proactive Role of Local-Self Governing Bodies
5.11.4 Substantial and Peripheral Legislations
5.11.5 New Social Movements and Political Opportunities

6. Conclusions and Major Findings
6.1 Conclusions
6.2 Major Findings of the Study
6.3 Policy Suggestions
6.4 Final Estimate




Dr. Rose Mary George is presently Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Providence Women's College, Kozhikode, Kerala. She did her Post-graduation in Political Science from the Department of Political Science, University of Kerala in 2004 and obtained her Ph.D. degree from the same university in 2010.

   She has published a good number of research papers in reputed journals including Indian Journal of Political Science; Newman and Society, and Journal of Management and Public Policy. Besides, she has participated and presented papers at various state and national level conferences/seminars. She successfully completed UGC-sponsored Refresher Course in Political Science organized by the Academic Staff College, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. She specializes in hydro-politics, and environmental studies.

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